Saturday, September 26, 2009


...mean's 'i'm back' in japanese. this is actually a photo of the chicago skyline through the clouds while the plane was landing.

on one of the many flights i was on in the last 2 months, they let me sit in this section. that was when i was still on crutches, so i think they just took pity on me. it was grand.

i have a lot to catch up on now that i'm back in japan (including sleep; hopefully i will stop waking up at 3 am soon...) but one of the fun things i have planned for today is to visit a bookstore (like this one, showing yarn by avril right there on the shelves with the books) and check out all the new japanese craft books out for fall! and then perhaps a nap.


the nest said...

"okailinasai!" except i'm still here in MI, not in Japan... :) i hope you get your catch-up rest and have a fun shopping outing - it looks like a bunch of inspiration!

- annri

liz said...

thanks annri, i did and it was!

misskitty1970 said...

so jealous. hope you get some rest, it always takes a week to get back on track. Can I rudely ask, how do you manage to live Japan? I would love to do that, it would be a deream come true :)

liz said...

thanks misskitty, i'm going to email you!