Saturday, July 25, 2009

recycle LACMA

recycle LACMA is a very cool project by robert fontenot, reinventing new uses for textiles that were decommissions by LACMA. this pink garment bag is made from the dress below:

here's the description of the project from the recycle LACMA site:
On January 14th, 2009 the Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced that it was deaccessioning more than 100 items from its costumes and textiles collection. Once carefully collected, catalogued, and cared for, these items have now been cast back out in to the world. What will happen to them? Like any other useless item, they will need to be recycled or disposed of.

Recycle LACMA is a project of Los Angeles-based artist Robert Fontenot. At three separate auctions he purchased over 50 items deaccessioned by LACMA and is now trying to find new uses for these otherwise unwanted items.
where there are more projects, like this sailboat made from guatemalen pants (below).via design sponge


Justin said...

I'm not sure how I feel about the decomisioning. Even if they are pieces purchased by LACMA, the money probably came from arts funding or donations. At least some of them are going to a new artistic venture.

liz said...

i think it's sad but inevitable that deaccessions will happen.

there's a good explanation on the recycle LACMA blog here:

and in this case, LACMA went through the proper procedures, and it is items that no one wanted that are being reinvented.

Kira Franz-Knight said...

ok...posted a bit earlier, and this is weird... thinking we must have connected in a past life or something...anyhoo, I worked in the department of Costume and Textiles at LACMA for a few years and my former colleague and I were debating this particular project... we both agree that some of the art created far outweighs the potential outcome of these deaccessioned objects (I prepped many for deaccession myself - and they were destined for far less noble locales), but the Claire McCardell de/re-construct just kills us... having had my hand on many of these objects I understand the historical importance of the objects, but we must be reminded that the museum is an "art" museum and if an object cannot be presented in it's originally intended art-form, it can't be exhibited. rambling, I know...but you are a girl after my own heart...