Saturday, July 17, 2010

a lovely rest

i actually love my very busy life. i am so very grateful that all the things that are making me feel busy are the opportunities i am so fortunate to have, and i really enjoy them. but recently, i have been especially enjoying some 'lazy' time when i can find it.

just looking at this cushion couch by christiane hoegner (via bloesem) makes me grin, and feel a little rejuvenated. i was always a blanket nest-builder as a kid, and i've always loved pillows. i can just imagine a wonderful nap on that couch.
christiane also made these lovely paper sugar packets, which look like they are just sewed around the edges and then you tear the top off to use them. i love sewing and paper.

i hope you are having a restful weekend, whether you are taking a nap or having a leisurely cuppa.

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