Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines day

My heart is yours!!!, originally uploaded by hine.

this overly literal cat, from flickr user hine, is one of my favorites from the CRAFT pool tagged for the valentine's craft challenge. so clever.

(updated to add: CRAFT picked this one as a winner too!)

and on a sad note, you've probably heard by now that CRAFT magazine will stop producing their print magazine after the current (#10) issue. thankfully, they will continue to exist online at

CRAFT is dead, long live CRAFT!


elena fiore said...

Lunga vita al craft! Complimenti per il gatto con il cuore. Buon feltro, ciao.

Theresa said...

Poor CRAFT! They will be missed.

florcita said...

WHat a gorgeous cat! and... well, at least I hear about this magazine even if it is at it's paper version wake!