Sunday, March 04, 2007

monkeys, both felt and sock, and a heap of cats

there's an exhibit of felt (including a monkey) in kyoto, at the gallery inspiblo, a nifty-looking gallery/shop/salon/bar/cafe.

on the monkey theme, i just found an excellent sock monkey book. called 'glove dogs and sock monkeys,' it's pretty incredible in variety and detail of glove and sock animals.
ISBN: 4-579-11061-7

along similar lines of cute animals with human expressions, the following book is exclusively amigurumi cats, but with an exhaustive range of emotions and activities. a lot of them are different places and ways to nap, which i guess is a fairly accurate representation of a cat's life!

'the life of amigurumi cats: a heap of cats'
IBSN: 4-391-13012-2


cata said...

Wow! Amazing!

~Kathi said...

The ready-to-bow cat is just darling! Are they for sale when you get back to USA? Kobe is a most amazing city, which I saw in '91. Hope over to my blog if you wish!

Cheers, ~Kathi (in Mt. Shasta)

liz said...

thanks! sorry kathi, i'm not making any of these critters to sell at the moment.